Professional with a Personality… Had an outstanding experience as a First Time Home Buyer. Sheilayu made me and my family comfortable throughout the entire buying process with his efficiency, knowledge, and honesty.

Sheilayu explained pros and cons of each house that we were interested in. Thanks for the great service, we couldn’t ask for more! I would highly recommend Sheilayu to anyone, especially if this is your first experience purchasing a home.

Khushro Amir

Sheilayu made the purchase of our first condominium easy and stress-free. He was efficient, approachable and exceeded our expectations. We first contacted Mr. Sheilayu just a couple days before the winter, at a time when no other agents would return our calls or take new clients. He was very prompt in scheduling the viewings and within 1 week we became condo owners. We love our new place and we’re so glad we were able to get it with Sheilayu help. We would highly recommend Sheilayu for any real estate needs and we intend on using his services again for future real estate purchases.

Brian & Sanjana

Overall, we just feel so lucky that we had Sheilayu expertise and help with this process, and that everything worked out so perfectly. This was a tough market in which to sell our type of house, and Sheilayu offered very smart advice in urging us to hold off on making an offer until we had serious interest in our place. Throughout the summer as we had showings on our place, we appreciated how organized and professional your office was, and how quickly

Sheilayu followed up with feedback from prospective buyers. Whenever we felt discouraged or weren’t sure of the next step, Realtor Shaikh was always happy to explain and provide encouragement. It’s very obvious how well he understands the Toronto market, and we benefited from that knowledge again and again.

When it came time to buy the house we loved, of course we ended up with an unexpected bidding war at the last minute. I remember talking to Sheilayu on the phone that afternoon and when I told him I was stressed, he said, “Relax. This is what you hired us for.” It’s true, and it all worked out in the end: his expert advice and calm negotiating got us the best house, and I’m not sure that would have happened with another realtor going to bat for us. We felt throughout this process that Sheilayu wanted the best for us and were there to represent our interests—we trusted him implicitly, and that was more than earned.

I can’t say enough about the expertise, attentiveness, warmth and professionalism Sheilayu brought to this process. Thanks to him and his team, we have our “forever home” in an up-and- coming neighborhood, and we can’t wait to move in and start the next chapter of our lives. Thank you for everything!

Matthew & Jackie